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Medica Medicare Plans and Products

Medicare Cost Plans
Medicare Cost Plans are a type of Medicare health plan available in certain areas of the country offered by private companies, such as Medica. They cover Original Medicare services and may offer benefits such as vision or hearing coverage or prescription drug coverage. You can join a Cost Plan any time that plan is accepting new members (you do not have to wait until AEP), and you can leave anytime and return to Original Medicare. However, if your Cost Plan contains Part D (prescription drug) coverage, you won’t be able to maintain your Part D coverage when you return to Original Medicare.

Medicare Cost Plans
Here’s what you should know about Medicare Cost Plans:

  • You can join even if you only have Part B.
  • If you have Part A and Part B and go to a non-network provider,
    the services are covered under Original Medicare. You would pay
    the Part A and Part B coinsurance and deductibles.
  • You can join anytime the Cost Plan is accepting new members.
  • You can either get your Medicare prescription drug coverage
    from the Cost Plan (if offered), or you can join a Medicare
    Prescription Drug Plan.
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